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My 40 years of experience will enable me to properly represent you in these types of matters:

  • Driving Under the Influence
  • All Traffic Violations including speeding and operating after revocation or suspension. Let me help you save your driver’s license or help get your driver’s license back.

I will help you achieve the best possible results with the least possible amount of problems and trauma for you and your family and minimize the impact on your employment.

Traffic/Ordinance Violations

You may have recently been issued either a traffic citation, a municipal ordinance citation or a ticket alleging a violation of the law.

A conviction for a traffic offense may result in not only a fine, but also in demerit points against your driving record. Depending on the nature of the charge, and/or your prior driving record, you may also face other consequences, such as suspension or revocation of your driving privileges and/or increases in your auto insurance premiums or potential cancellation or non-renewal of your auto insurance coverage. In addition, some of these consequences could affect your current or future employment.

A conviction for an ordinance violation will most likely result in a fine, and depending upon the charge, a conviction could affect your current or future employment and/or your driving privileges. For example, a conviction of possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia could allow the court to suspend or revoke your driving privileges for six months.

Do not pay your citation or enter a guilty and no contest plea to any charge without first speaking to a qualified attorney about your options Call Michael S Winter Attorney At Law,  today for your free initial conference up to on half hour at 414 224 0914.